Experimental Music Guide

The Dukes of Scuba experimental music guide aims to document the current 'no audience' scene in Wales across the 7 or so main areas of the country. The geography of Wales certainly inhibits connectivity among musicians and whilst some practitioners do actively work across the different scenes, from the research that I have conducted, I can safely make the assumption that many musicians and supporters of experimental music are simply just not aware of each other. The guide is by no means exhaustive and I fully expect more bands and artists to be added in subsequent updates. For anyone wishing to contact Dukes of Scuba with additions or corrections please email at the following address. pethaugarw@hotmail.co.uk


Swansea & the South
Aberystwyth & the West
Cardiff & Valleys
North Wales
Newport & South East
Mid Wales

Swansea & the South

1.Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies is a harp player working within the field of free improvisation.

2.Jenn Kirby 

Dr. Jenn Kirby is a composer, performer, lecturer and music technologist. She is a founder member of the Swansea Latop Orchestra.

3.Dan Linn Pearl 

Freelancing sound artist & filmmaker. Member of Deaf Pictures/Periant

4.Rose Linn Pearl 

Member of Deaf Pictures/Periant
    Web – www.deafpictures.com

5.John Healy 

Somatic Responses
Welsh modular alliance

6.Simon Kilshaw 

Simon is a composer, performer & sonic artist. He is artistic Director of SAW (Sonic Arts in Wales) based at the University of Wales – Trinity St Davids. He is also a member of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra

7.Paul Hazel 

Paul is a founding member of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra. Runs Bamboo Radical label
Web – www.paulhazel.com

8. Ian Holloway 

Improviser and member of British Space Group. Also owner of Quiet World records

9. Swn>Dial 

Noise collective from Swansea featuring Adam Howel/Ian Coote (Zinc Bukowski)

10. Radio Europa

Fractured electronic collages and spoken word from Carmarthen

11. David R Edwards

Author, singer, poet and all round Welsh legend

12. Aled Llyr Warwick  

Sound artist working under the name Y Pregethw. Works at Swansea Rock School
Web – More Info needed! 

13. Matt Collier

Sound artist

14. Susan Matthews 

Experimental musician and owner of Siren Wire recordings

15. Gwilly Edmondez

   Radical improvised wild pop.

16. R P Sten

Abattoir guitar sculpture


1. NAWR 

Experimental music events in Swansea(also Hay On Wye)

2. Welsh Modular Alliance 

Synth collective from Ammanford 

3. Sain:Sound 

Experimental music blog

4. Quiet World

Quiet World records

Aberystwyth & West Wales

1. Dafydd Roberts

Experimental drone music alchemy. Works under the name Our ‘Glassie Azoth’. Organises ‘Listen to the Voice of Fire’

2. John Harvey

Sound artist & professor of art at Aberystwyth University

3. Alan Chamberlain

Electronic avant-classical sound collage

4. Genibarn

Electronic sounds rescued from analogue cassettes

5. Johann Wlight  

Works under the name Itdreamedtome - Drone

6. Jacob Whitaker 

Experimental sound artist and film maker

7. Steve Moyes  

Improvising musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Carmarthenshire

8. R. Seilog

Threads of krautrock, psych, experimental electronics and modulating drones

9. Heather Summers

Classically trained violinist with a background in improvisation

10. Owain Griffith 

Working under the name Carw - 80s synth sounds and dream-pop melodies weaving through layers of guitar effects, punctuated by abrupt drum-machine beats.

11. Maggie Nicols 

Avant-garde vocalist Maggie Nicols has been an active participant in the European improvisational community since joining the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in the late '60s. Throughout her career, she has also worked to further women in improvised music and other creative arts not only by example, but through workshops and extensive collaborating.

12. Spurious Transients 

Experimental music project of Gavin Lloyd Wilson, with musical influences from the worlds of jazz, electronica, psychedelica and krautrock

13. Soundbook project

Collaborating artists and musicians using books as instruments

14. Horse Gas

Experimental music, video and image makers

15. Ben Mason

Twisted 4–track home-fi

16. The Safety Cupboard

Experimental excursions presented for connoisseurs of the unusual

17. Terrible Void

Dark ambient field recording


1. Listen to the voice of fire

Irregular symposium and three monthly experimental music performance and improvisation series based in Aberystwyth

2. The gathering – 

Monthly improvising ensemble

Cardiff & the Valleys

1. David Cooper Orton

Live looping guitar

2. Sam Wall 

Ekstraternek - Loud and obnoxious audible mind pissing

3. Ian Watson

Improvised electro-acoustic live recordings. Mostly concerning an interest in by-products of machines in music and sound design

4. Adrian Shenton 

Phonospheric label - Immersive, atmospheric, experimental and broadly ambient

5. Mute Group(s)

Anti-strategic narrative(s) - Counter-surveillance fractal(s) - Recursive music(s)

6. Cementimental

Harsh noise, circuit bending & rough music since 2000AD

7. Ffrwd 

Found sound art • experimentalism • music free from form

8. Samuel Barnes  

Composer, sound artist & musician based in Cardiff

9. Sunshine

Harsh electronics, droney riffs and hideous vocals
10. Aftersun

Guitars, drums, noises and humans

11. Rubberneck

Gnarly old skool skronk

12. Ascend Silver Poison

Explorations in music, texture, voice, storytelling and abstract expression

13. Ordeal by Roses 

Death-fixated UK Power Electronics. Resist Fascist insects.

14. FHED

A Blight upon South Wales since 2012 – Black Metal

15. Iselder

Welsh Black Metal band formed in 2014 by sole member Gofid.

16. Glug Glug

Electronic improv duo

17. Odium

Thick Black Metal

18. Lleuad

Cold black metal from Wales dealing with themes of nature, loss and depression.

19. Jack of the Suburbs

ZX 84 Avant-Pop project

20. Locus

Collage makers for radio and spaces....duo.
Acc├╝ & Richard James

21. Raychi Bryant

First take with lots of uncertainty. 

22. Sion Orgon

Sound designer, experimental composer and multimedia artist  
   Web – www.sionorgon.bandcamp.com/            


1. Mudulus & Argument

Label & event’s organiser

2. Cardiff Made

Cardiff art space – Organises experimental gigs under the name Electric Soup

3. Rat Trap

Artistic collective showcasing art and music

4. Sleeper Society

With roots firmly embedded in sound art, audio/visual and electronic music, Sleeper Society showcase the best of the experimental music scene

5. Shift

Multidisciplinary research & development arts space holding improve music events

North Wales

1. Accretion Entropy

Accretion Entropy is an experimental electro-acoustic trio consisting of Charles Gershom, Ed Wright and Rob Spaull.

2. Charles Gershom


3. Electroacoustic WALES

Based in Bangor, EW exists to promote and encourage the creation and dissemination of electroacoustic music within Wales and beyond

4. David Hopewell – Hopewell Ink

Spoken songs?  Or maybe art music.  Sound art, perhaps

5. Richard Craig

Improvised flute

6. Huw McGregor 

Sonic research and experimentation. Exploring the depth in Electroacoustic form

7. Ed Wright

Combining electroacoustic and instrumental forces

8. Jim Knight/Chuch/Atlantikwall

Looming, colossal structures, moulded out of guitar density overload, atavistic rhythms and cyclical chants

9. Rhys Trimble – 

Punk/Improv/Noise – Poet, artist and singer with Lolfa Binc
10. Andrew Hodges

Meditative sounds from the Ho Ho Chi Music Room

11. Irma Vep

Outsider music that makes awkward compositions designed to tear you down just to build you up again

12. Titus Monk

Horror movie music for only the brave to trip to. Uneasy, anti-genre

13. Llyn Cwn

Atmosphere & environment through sound.

14. Mr Mark Reeve

Art, poetry, conspiracy theory and noise music
15. Simon Proffitt

Niche appeal non-music – Chan Ingold Prelog

16. Chow Mwng

Dysfunction/ Collision of noise/ Low art expectations/ Confusion

17. Gorwel & Fiona Owen

Sound obsessed experimental musicians & artists

18. Ffloc

Mostly-anonymous digital arts collaboration
Web – www.ffloc.com


1. Oscilloscope

Monthly event based in Bangor focusing on electronic experimental music.

2. Sivilised records


1. Datamosh

DATAMOSH is a collaborative project by artists Guy Mayman & Paul R Jones

2. Pendro/Tim Jones

Experimental sound art

3. Ripping wings off birds

Dark noise core

4. Goo

Synth Punk

5. Brother James – Spaceships over Deeside

Multifunctional Welsh noise

6. We Expire

Harrowing | bleak | drone | noise

7. Rafael Cavallini

A convergence of practices of note-taking mediated by methods of sound editing


1. Ty Pawb

Cultural community resource

2. Undegun

Pop-up creative space

Newport & the South East

1. Matthew Lovett

Musician and lecturer based at the University of Wales Newport

2. Aidan Taylor – Ginko & Form constants

Engineer and designer working with sound and experimental electronics

3. Richard Thomas 

Contending improviser and abstract composer. Member of Secluded Bronte.

4. Salt Bath

Noise Punk

5. Pathogenesis

Art project centred primarily on noise performances and recordings

6. Hyunter – Alex Haywood

Experimental composition

7. But not forgotten/Limbo

Post Black Metal


1. Le Public Space

Legendary venue!

Mid Wales

1. Hominoidroid

Experimental blackened noise

2. Richard Chessman

Avant-garde, Ambient, Experimental musician and sound mangler

3. Molquid

Watery Ambience music to float to.

4. Charles Beresford

Improvising guitarist

5. Sonia Hammond

Cello player and improviser

6. Ffrancon

Disjointed electronic soundscapes


1. Radnor Improvisers

Improvising group with community engagement

2. The 52nd

Music and photography project


1. Hwyl Nfio

Droning and drifting collages of treated keyboards and guitars

2. Richard Bowers

SAAB - The 'noise' you hear is the sound of freedom

3. Wraiths and Omens 

Harsh noise

4. Cereal by Design – deconstruction

Experimental ambient drone

5. Subrupture/Knshce

Noise music projects from James Thompson

6. Shell E Morys

Improvised Music, Creating Sound Sculptures.

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