Welsh music guide

The Dukes of Scuba experimental music guide aims to document the current 'no audience' scene in Wales across the 7 or so main areas of the country. The geography of Wales certainly inhibits connectivity among musicians and whilst some practitioners do actively work across the different scenes, from the research that I have conducted, I can safely make the assumption that many musicians and supporters of experimental music are simply just not aware of each other. The guide is by no means exhaustive and I fully expect more bands and artists to be added in subsequent updates. 

A free PDF version of the guide is available HERE

For anyone wishing to contact Dukes of Scuba with additions or corrections please email at the following address. pethaugarw@hotmail.co.uk

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Swansea & the South

Aberystwyth & the West
Cardiff & Valleys
North Wales
Newport & South East
Mid Wales

Dukes has also created a Spotify playlist containing artists from the guide