Welsh music guide

The Dukes of Scuba experimental music guide aims to document the current experimental scene in Wales across the 7 main areas of the country. The geography of Wales certainly inhibits connectivity among musicians and whilst some practitioners do actively work across the different scenes, from the research that I have conducted, I can safely make the assumption that many musicians and supporters of experimental music are simply just not aware of each other. The guide is by no means exhaustive and I fully expect more bands and artists to be added in subsequent updates. 

A free PDF version of the guide is available HERE

For anyone wishing to contact Dukes of Scuba with additions or corrections please email at the following address. pethaugarw@hotmail.co.uk

This guide is currently being updated and will be relaunched in early 2021 in association with Ty Cerdd. Once this is complete the guide here on the Dukes site will begin to focus more closley on free improvisation and chart current activity across Wales

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Swansea & the South

Aberystwyth & the West
Cardiff & Valleys
North Wales
Newport & South East
Mid Wales

Dukes has also created a Spotify playlist containing artists from the guide