Photo by Rhys Mwyn
Dukes of Scuba is a web resource, podcast & record label for lovers of experimental & improvised music. Its mission is to shine a light on the contemporary 'no audience' Welsh music scene for listeners who may be interested in this type of music but find the lack of information available on the subject frustrating.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the notion of the ‘no-audience underground’ as a collective term for the Welsh sonic arts scene and I therefore urge you to read the attached introduction to what is rapidly becoming the recognised term for challenging DIY music as written by the person who first conceived the idea – Rob Hayler

In his essay, Rob defines the ‘no-audience underground’ scene as a group of self-sufficient artists who work collectively to create the music they love dispite the general lack of recognition that their music receives.

The ‘no-audience’ scene is non-hierarchical and democratic. Prestige and respect are earnt and good will is its currency.

Rob initially wrote his essay in 2015 to describe the noise scene in the North of England but his approach along with the music that was covered in his now infamous Radio Free Midwich blog has been deeply influential on Dukes of Scuba. After creating music in isolation for many years myself I decided to set out on a personal quest to uncover the ‘no-audience’ scene in Wales in an attempt to make connections with kindred spirits here at home as well as across the border

I hope that this website will quietly become a credible source of information documenting a relativley unheard but vital part of Welsh Avant culture.

Wales may be the land of song but it is also the land of free improvisation/noise/drone/ avant grot/sound art and dictaphonix.